The Compassion Caravan - Artwork used with permission from Gaia Orion and Margaret Brown

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Hosted and Facilitated by the AHNA Chapters:

Healing Nurses Through Compassion and Self-Care


The Compassion Caravan is a national project led by holistic nurses for all of nursing to offer compassion through heart centered presence, holistic communication, networking and focused experiences in self-reflection and healing. The project Is widening the Circle of Compassion by joining Healing Circles Global. The project will formally conclude with the Nurse In Nature Retreat.

Compassion is being expressed in response to the high burnout rates in nursing and the suffering experienced during the COVID crisis.

The Goal is to provide safe virtual venues for compassionate holistic communication, dialogue, brainstorming, guided reflection, and nature connection. This is a grass roots national project whose target audience is nurses.

The Mission of the Compassion Caravan is to bring more compassion into the lives of nurses.

The Vision of the Compassion Caravan is that “small seeds of compassion” will germinate and provide momentum for change in the current health care system and culture.

The Compassion Caravan

Nurses In Nature Retreats

Gather in the Loving Embrace of Nature.

Rest, Recover, Renew

Nurses in Nature Weekend Retreat

An offering of The Compassion Caravan Not-For-Profit Organization.
Healing Nurses Through Compassion and Self-Care. Hosted by The Philadelphia Area Chapter of the AHNA and the Lower Westchester of NY Chapter of the AHNA. Gather in the Loving Embrace of Nature.

Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Innabah Camp and Retreat Center 712 Pughtown Road Spring City, PA 19475
Directions — Innabah Camp & Retreat Center

We are pleased and excited to report the retreat is full!

Our Sound Healing Event on Saturday night will be led by Val and Ian Haag. Sound Journeying Through the Chakras

Come on a transformational journey through the 7 wheels of consciousness! After an overview of the Chakra System and Sound Healing, we’ll move through the 7 Chakras from root to crown in a guided meditation, learning experientially through sound about these spinning ‘wheels of light’ and their very practical application to our lives. Feel the soundscape of Crystal Singing Bowls, Native Flutes, Gongs, Monochords, and other sound healing instruments re-frequencing each chakra while finding your own unique, dynamic balance.

Valarie and Ian Haag are founders and owners of Rainbows of Healing, a Wellness Center and Metaphysical Boutique in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. They are Vibrational Energy Healing Practitioners and Traditional Usui Reiki Masters/Teachers. Rainbows of Healing offers many services such as private healing sessions with Reiki, Crystal Balancing, Sound Therapy and more. They offer trainings, classes, workshops throughout the year on a variety of subjects.

Omega Institute Non-Profit Retrea

If you wish to support Nurses In Nature Retreats consider purchasing a Tee Shirt or Sweatshirt. If you purchase it in June, the percentage of donation will be greater than waiting to later in the year.
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Greater Philadelphia Area Venue


“A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day.
A string of such moments can change the course of your life.”

~Christopher Germer
The Compassion Caravan

The Compassion Caravan is a national project, led by holistic nurses and hosted and facilitated by the AHNA Chapters for all of nursing. The intent is to offer compassion through heart-centered presence, holistic communication, networking and focused experiences in self-reflection and healing.

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